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Easy and equitable access to public information and services has always been a goal of open and democratic governments. The recent development of e-government services has opened up new possibilities to achieve this goal. For the past decade, much of the attention of policy debates and research has focused on delivering information and services more cost effectively and conveniently.


A Computer Operating System specially designed for businesses.

We have witnessed many Business automation attempts. Businesses owners, managers do expect result out of their investment even though the average result is lower.

FlexBisOS is not only a software application but a solution for a classic problem, to make a solution which grows with the growing businesses need.

We call it an Operating System because it is a really a new Operating System. It is easier and hazels free, for that there is no more need to modify the system to make it suitable for your business requirements.

FlexBizOS facilitates with 7+ business applications installed is dully ready to be adapted to your need. FlexBizOS Management Console is another frame developed to bind the users with the applications.These applications are to facilitate the businesses stages such as Seeding, Startup, Growing, Established, and Expandable.